Vancouver Welcome Service

Our agency specializes in supporting German and English-speaking newcomers, tourists and the simply curious to Vancouver.

Our mission is to help those who need experienced individuals to facilitate all aspects of a trip or a move to Vancouver with personalized help and resources.

We are here to help by sharing our acquired experience from our personal ‘trials and errors’ with you! Over the years we have established and maintained a large network of agency relations that can, in turn, benefit you. Our specialized services bring together travel, immigration as well as education, health and social services to provide the best possible experience for both newcomers and tourists alike.

Get to know us!

Diana  Schinkel
In 2011, I packed my bags and left my life as I knew it in Erfurt, Germany, to move and be with my Canadian fiancee in Vancouver, Canada. Since then a lot has changed. Besides a new professional orientation, I got married, became the mother of two children, and moved several more times within Vancouver. These transitions were not always easy, and I often wished I had some guidance, support and assistance with not only the big challenges, but the small ones as well. In establishing myself in Vancouver, I created and maintained many organizational and social networks. I have also gained a wealth of knowledge and resources that I feel are too valuable not to share. I hope to do so with YOU in order to enhance and facilitate your adventure.

Xenia Stodden
Due to advancements in my husband's career, we moved from Munich to Vancouver in 2008. My son was 2.5 years old, I had a great job and wonderful friends. The idea of moving to Vancouver, Canada was exciting, but also fearsome at first. Looking for a place to live, finding childcare, learning a new language, find employment and establishing a new social network while caring for another baby consumed our everyday lives. I became more resourceful than I could have ever imagined. From this experience I can share with others in a short period of time, what took me 10 years to learn and establish. I look forward to using my knowledge to your advantage!

From Foreign To Familiar - Fast!